POWER PUSH PARTS English Monkey125(JB02)

This multi-meter that doesn’t require any special wiring processing,just replace a genuine meter and plug in.
Equipped with numerous functions such as speed, rotation speed, gear position, thermometer, fuel gauge, time display, battery voltage display,front wheel tire outer diameter correction, backlight color change, etc.
Also, since it can be installed at the same position as the genuine meter,exterior products (screen, etc.) installed at the same time as the stock meter can be used as they are.


Super Multi DN Meter

Super Multi DN Meter

税込価格 41,800 円
対応車種 Monkey125
:Monkey125(Thailand model)(MLHJB02)
品番 05-05-0052

Super Multi DN Meter

Functions list

■Speed meter
Select the speed unit (km/h or MPH) display.
Tire outside dimensions setting
(Setting range 50〜210% Setting unit 1%)
Speed warning light
(Setting range 30〜360km/h Setting unit 1km/h)

Engine speed warning light
(Setting range:1000〜13000rpm Setting unit:100rpm)
Ignition setting(Setting range 0.5・1〜24)

Super Multi DN Meter Odo/Trip meter・Maintenance distance・Gear position

Odo/Trip meter・Maintenance distance・Gear position

■Odo meter
0〜999999km(Returns to 0 when out of range)
Total distance・Custom odo meter setting function

■Trip meter A、B
(Display unit:0.1km Returns to 0 when out of range)
Display and display OFF setting of the Trip meter B

■Maintenance distance
The entered distance automatically decreases as you drive.
Maintenance distance(notification mode)
(Setting range:OFF、500〜16000km Setting unit:100km)

■Gear position
All gear display・All gear display OFF Gear indicator registration function by automatic learning mode.

Super Multi DN Meter Clock・Voltmeter・Temp gauge・Fuel meter

Clock・Voltmeter・Temp gauge・Fuel meter

(Display method:12 or 24 hours)

(Display range:8〜18V)
Voltage warning light(Setting range 8〜18V Setting unit:0.1V)

■Temp gauge
Select the display method of temperature unit (°C or °F) here. (Display range:0〜150℃)
※The temperature at the drain bolt can be measured by Takegawa drain bolt(optional).

■Fuel meter
(Display range:6 Step)
Fuel sensor resistance value preset 100Ω 250Ω 270Ω 390Ω 510Ω 1200Ω
Custom resistance value setting Resistance range:1〜1500Ω Remaining fuel warning light

Super Multi DN Meter Indicator

Indicator・External switch

Warning light(Speed / Top gear / Distance / Fuel / Voltage / Temperature / Engine RPM
※By selecting an item, the warning indicator lights up (flashes).)
Neutral lamp・High beam lamp・Turn lamp・Remaining fuel level warning lamp・ABS lamp・Engine check lamp

■External switch
All operations are performed with the external switch attached to the meter.

Super Multi DN Meter Color Setting range


Dimmer Setting range:1/5(dark) 〜 5/5(bright)
Color Setting range
Red,Orange,Yellow,Green,Blue,Light Blue,Purple,White

Super Multi DN Meter Installation image


Do not use LED,H.I.D.headlights or fog lamps kit made by other than our companies at the same time.
Some ballast / inverter (voltage converter) generates high-voltage noise that adversely affects the digital circuit, resulting in product failure or malfunction.

Note: setting the gear position
To set the gear position, both the speed signal and the engine speed signal must be input to the Super Multi DN meter.
Therefore, it is require to learn gear display by chassis dynamo, free roller or actual driving.
We recommend learning gear display by chassis dynamo or free rollers for safety reasons.
Do not learn gear display on driving in the city because there are many traffic lights and traffic in the city.
When performing in actual driving, select a safe place with good visibility and check the surroundings.

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