POWER PUSH PARTS English GROM(JC75-1000001~)

Injection controller that can be installed on a genuine ECU with a simply connector on.
Preset MAPs that have been set by our factory to match the our basic specifications, so simply select the MAP of your bore-up kit or throttle body with your cellphone or PC to complete the basic operation to get running.




税込価格 76,780 円
対応車種 GROM(JC75)

Target engine specifications
(SP Takegawa products)
Super head4V+R
Super head4V+R(5-axis machining)
品番 05-04-0113


Injection controller that can be installed on a genuine ECU with a simply connector on.

■Preset MAP
You can choose from 14 patterns in the EASY mode and 9 patterns in the EXPERT mode that have been pre-set according to the engine specifications.
You can easily change the settings using your PC or smartphone.
If you are using an engine that does not support preset maps, you need to create own a new map.

■Idling area adjustment
“FI con TYPE-X”uses the stock ECU start program for the idling area (where the engine speed is 2000rpm or less and the accelerator opening is 10% or less up to 4000rpm).
In this area, increase / decrease the stock injection amount as necessary.

■Fuel injection duration adjustment
Possible adjustment for every 5% of accelerator opening and every 250rpm of engine speed.


■Ignition timing adjustment
For EASY mode, advance and retard can be input for stock ignition timing.
For EXPERT mode, the entered value (crank angle before top dead center) will be the ignition timing.
For the EXPERT mode, the“engine temperature ignition timing correction function”that adjusts the effect of changing the vaporization time and combustion time and affecting the ignition timing when the engine temperature becomes too high can be adjusted.

■Invalid injection time correction
There is some time lag before the injector is energized and injects fuel. This is called the“invalid injection time”
The“invalid injection time”changes depending on the voltage, so if the supplied voltage changes due to battery or alternator condition,injection command to the actual injection changes, and the injection amount will also change. In order to prevent such a problem, it is possible to set the condition to be constant by applying correction.

■Engine temperature compensation
PGM-FI Injects more fuel than the value of the injection MAP when the engine temperature is lower than the appropriate temperature according to the input value from the oil temperature sensor, and warms up the engine faster. etc.

■Intake air temperature compensation setting
Since the density of air changes depending on the temperature, the air-fuel ratio change due to the intake temperature is compensated.


■Vaporization time setting (injection timing setting)
Set the vaporization time for the fuel injected from the injector to burn efficiently.

■Dwell time setting
Transistor ignition, energize the coil before ignite. This energization time is called dwell time.

■Digital acceleration pump
This product monitoring the speed of the accelerator opening by TPS signal.When the rider wants quick acceleration and the throttle is opened quickly, injection asynchronously the increase injection other than that set value.
The similar function as the「acceleration pump」of the racing carburetor.

■Real search function
Connect to a PC or smartphone with the engine started.Information of the running engine is reflected on the screen of the computer or smartphone at the same time.
The reading speed / throttle opening is reflected in the mass of the fuel map graph, and that high-lighted to make the adjustment point clear and very convenient for setting.


■Simultaneous monitor with engine temperature display function
The dedicated software for PC or smartphone has a simultaneous monitor function In addition to the tachometer screen and throttle opening graph screen that are very convenient for setting, the fuel injection rate of the engine temperature injector is also digitally displayed.

■Rev limit function
You can set the Maximum engine speed.It's other than that limiter-cut, it can be set even at low speed.It can be used effectively when you don't want to increase the engine speed, such as tuning engine rev measures and break-in.


■Pit lane limiter function
In addition to the above rev limit function, if you do not want to increase the engine speed such as pit lane speed regulation etc., the limiter can be operated only when the“ON”by connecting the additional bottom switch (to the white lead in the spiral tube of the main unit and grounding the body)
※Please provide extending wire to the switch.

■On-time MAP change function
MAP1 / MAP2, 2 sets of map can be written inside of FI CON TYPE-X. It is assumed that it will be operated by switching between racing mode, touring mode, fuel economy driving mode etc.
※Required optional switch set.

■Tachometer output lead wire.
1 revolution, 1 pulse, 5 volts is output in purple lead wire in the spiral tube of the main unit.
※ When installing, the bracket harness needs to be modified.

Table below for compatible products that have been confirmed as of April 2020.
Medium DN Tachometer T2 (White LED)(05-05-3210)
φ 48 Small DN Tacho & Thermometer(05-05-0016)
φ 48 Small DN Tachometer(05-05-0035)
Medium LCD Speed & Tachometer (MLCD ST1)(05-05-0028)
Blue LED electrical Tachometer(05-05-0004)
Black & Green electrical Tachometer(05-05-0014)


◎ Not compatible parts
H.I.D kits and LED headlights kit made other than Takagawa. :The ballast / inverter (voltage converter) generates high-voltage noise that adversely affects the digital circuit, and may cause product failure or malfunction.
Do not use an performance ignition device (ignition coil or plug wire) as it may cause malfunction or product failure due to increased radiation noise associated with increased ignition voltage.
It is possible to use it with Takagawa's hyper ignition coil. Do not use other performance generator or similar products, it may cause a malfunction due to insufficient power generation or voltage waveform.

◎The computer or smartphone require the following conditions.
Windows 7/8/10 (Without RT/MOBILE)
You must be connected to the internet to install our software (free).
Your computer has built-in Bluetooth or external Bluetooth adapter.
Microsoft Windows Bluetooth drivers can be connected.

If you are using Windows 10 and updated to the major update “April 2018 Update (1803)”which performed in April 2018, After this update, Bluetooth communication will not work.
Please refer to the countermeasure manual to solve this problem.

iOS iPhone4s or later, iPad 3rd generation or later iOS9 or later.
Please get our application and purchase the data though AppStore.
After installing the FI CON TYPE-e app (free), you need to purchase various model data within the app.

The iOS updating may cause some malfunctions.
Target iOS:iOS13、iOS13.1、iOS13.1.2
Currently, we are trying solve this problem.
Click here for Countermeasure manual

Andoroid Andoroid OS 4.2.2 or later. Bluetooth function bailt.
You need to connect to Google play to install our app and purchase model data.
After installing the FI CON TYPE-e app (free), you need to purchase various model data within the app.

■FI CON TYPE-X software and application download page
Click here for FI CON TYPE-X software and application download page

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