POWER PUSH PARTS English Monkey125(JB02)

Super head 4V+R Complete Engine181cc
Clutch Spec:Special Clutch TYPE-R(DRY Clutch)
※We cannot accept orders for Monkey125 Thai model(MLHJB02)


Super head4V+R Complete Engine181cc(DRY)

Super head4V+R Complete Engine...

税込価格 602,800 円
対応車種 Monkey125(JB02)

※We cannot accept orders for Monkey125 Thai model(MLHJB02)
品番 01-00-1805

Super head4V+R Complete Engine181cc(DRY) Combustion chamber configuration

Super head 4V+R(1 cam 4 valve)

By increasing to two each in and ex valves to expand the valve curtain area, achieved a high intake and exhaust efficiency.
Since designed an original cylinder head shape for 4 valve, achieved high output.
Combustion chamber is finished with high accuracy by NC machining.
The surface of the cylinder head is unpainted silver.
Adopted an aluminum die-cast barrel polishing finish to the L. cylinder head side cover,breather cover and inspection cover.

■Intake and exhaust efficiency of SOHC premier class
Valve diameter:IN:25mm×2 / EX:21.5mm×2
Valve stem shaft diameter: IN, EX both 4.5mm

By adopting the unequal pitch valve spring, to prevent surging at high rotation.

■Forged aluminum roller rocker arm
It is possible to reduce the frictional resistance between the camshaft, achieved the smooth operation !!

■Auto decompression camshaft
Without imposing a strain on the cell motor, it enables smooth engine start-up.

Super head4V+R Complete Engine181cc(DRY) Heavy duty crankshaft

Cylinder/Piston/crankshaft/Big throttle body

■Adopted all-aluminum ceramic plated cylinder.
Bore diameter: 63mm Stroke 57.9mm (Stock)
all-aluminum ceramic plated cylinder has excellent durability, tightness, heat dissipation.
Since equipped with oil outlet to the cylinder, it is possible to inhibit the oil temperature rise by purchasing the oil cooler kit separately.
The surface of the cylinder is unpainted silver.
At Takegawa complete engine, the special cylinder equipped oil outlet , and the special clutch cover and the cylinder are connected with an oil line hose.
As a result, the oil passage to the cylinder head is routed via the oil element.

■Aluminum-cast piston
Compression ratio 12.5:1
Adopted a high compression specification
Piston in pursuit of high performance and durability.
Piston top is finished with high accuracy by NC machining.

■Heavy duty crankshaft(X cross-sectional shape)
High strength and light weight “X cross-sectional shape” connecting rod, compared to the stock crankshaft, it has significantly strengthened and is correspondence with high-spec engines.
As a result, it has significantly strengthened (compared to the stock crankshaft) and is correspondence with high-spec engines.
It is lightweight and secures sufficient strength, and the diffusion of buckling stress and torsional rigidity are greatly improved.
The surface is shot peening processed.
DAI-HARDαCam Chain 88L

■Big throttle body Kit
■Big throttle body Kit for Super head 4V+R
Higher output is achieved on wide powerband compared with stock throttle body.
Big throttle body:φ34
Big throttle body Kit comes with a air filter and fuel injector(G-2)(05-04-0044).

Super head4V+R Complete Engine181cc(DRY) Special Clutch TYPE-R/Close Ratio Transmission

Special Clutch TYPE-R/Close Ratio Transmission

■Special Clutch cover detail
Alloy die-casted right side crank case cover is nicelysilver painted.
Forged aluminum clutch cover (wire type)
Clutch cable uses light and smooth activate with Rack & Pinion type.
Aluminum forging cover with shot blast surface treatment.

■Built-in oil filter element
Conventional and decent Paper cartridge type oil filter removes sludge and unwanted metal powder from the engine. This feature keeps your engine clean and healthy to keep high power consistently.

■Oil through nut
This new clutch cover with oil through nut type reduces weight from standard clutch 1069g to only 123g.
Also reduces stress for crankshaft which effects engine response.
Oil through nut can leads filtered oil from filter to crankshaft directly.

■Oil level check window
Heavy duty glass oil check window can inspect oil level and quality from outside easy.

■Large diameter oil filler cap
Die cast alloy with chrome plated. Larger diameter oil cap is ideal to easy oil fill.

■Oil outlet
This feature can leads oil from clutch cover to oil cooler directly.
Many types of our oil cooler kit for this Special clutch cover are available.

■Patented structure
New oil line system and thermostat mounting portion.
If the TAKEGAWA oil cooler kit (for special clutch cover) is installed, overcooling can be prevented by installing the separately sold thermostat unit.
※Thermostat unit need to use with our oil cooler kit.

■New system
Change the oil line flowing to the cylinder head side via the oil element.
The oil line hose installed in the complete engine allows the oil flowing to the head side to pass through the oil element.
This prevents engine damage caused by oil sludge and the like.

■Special Clutch inner Kit TYPE-R(DRY Clutch)
6-Disc(without slipper clutch)
To make engine power transfer without loss, the smaller diameter of clutch outer avoid loss the power (due to oil deliver) and reduce the rotation mass weight which can make better engine responses.
6 clutch friction disc.
In the case of a complete engine, the clutch structure is set only without a slipper clutch.
Dumper equipped primary driven gear
Dumper rubber can reduce the shock of the engine and gear when engaged clutch.
Clutch spring
It’s possible to make stable and smooth clutch engaging with durability.

■TAF 5-Speed Close Ratio Transmission Kit
1st:2.333 2nd:1.684 3rd:1.272
4th:1.040 5th:0.923
Keep the engine power band and smooth accelerations.
Each transmission gear are shorter stroke and wider teeth which can make more durability.

Super head4V+R Complete Engine181cc(DRY) Super cam chain tensioner

Other adopted parts

■Crankshaft support adapter(Patent pending structure)
The crankshaft journal section has been up-grade from 3-point support to 4-point support to better hold crankshaft that prevent vibration in the high rpm range and improve the durability of OEM crankshafts.

■Super oil pump kit
The discharge amount of the super oil pump compared to stock one, allows about 35% up.
In order to increase the strength of the pump itself, increased the thickness of the plate and increased the number of bolts for coupling the body and the plate.

■Super cam chain tensioner
High-intensity cam chain tensioner that can keep tracking and proper tension of the cam chain.

■Magnetic drain bolt(Silver)
The drain bolt is made by finely carving out aluminum with color anodized.
A magnet provided on the drain bolt attracts iron powder mixed with engine oil with a strong magnetic force.
A magnet provided on the drain bolt attracts iron powder mixed with engine oil with a strong magnetic force.
A magnet on the drain bolt collect iron powder in the engine oil with a strong magnetic force. This reduces the amount of iron powder in the oil and makes it possible to stable lubrication performance of engine oil.
Furthermore, our aluminum drain bolt has a wire hole that can be safety wire locked (racing requirement to prevent it from falling off.) and our stick temperature sensor insertion hole.
By attaching a stick temperature sensor, our compact LED thermometer (or various meter with thermometer) can measure and display the engine oil temperature(at drain bolt area)

When purchasing a complete engine

To purchase Takegawa complete engine, we ask you to fill out a purchase order and a sign the contract.
The complete engine number differs depending on the vehicle name and vehicle chassis number.


When the complete engine is installed, an error occurs in the speedometer display, and it is necessary to purchase the SP Takegawa speed sensor kit to correct this issue.
The speed sensor kit varies depending on the specifications of the vehicle and caliper bracket.
Caution: Always use high octane gasoline.
(Trouble such as knocking may lead to an accident with running on low octane gasoline)
When the complete engine is installed, the FI controller TYPE-X (injection controller) MUST be installed at the same time.
It is necessary to change to our exhaust system with excellent exhaust efficiency.
It is recommended to install various brake kit that improve braking force.
This is custom made to order, the delivery time will be approximately one month from the order date.
Caution: Does not contain the engine oil.
Engine oil will be purchased separately and fill by the customer.
Starter motor, generator, generator cover and support plate are NOT included.Please use OEM parts
Recommended FI controller TYPE-X (injection controller) and exhaust system are required to get the maximum performance of the complete engine.

■FI CON TYPE-X details page
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■FI CON TYPE-X software and application download page
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