POWER PUSH PARTS English Monkey125(JB02)

Strengthened clutch spring set (30%up)


Strengthened clutch spring set (30%up)

Strengthened clutch spring set...

税込価格 4,070 円
対応車種 CT125・GROM・MSX125・Monkey125
:Super cub C125(JA48-1000001〜)
:Super cub C125(JA58-1000001〜)
:Super cub C125(JA71-1000001〜)
品番 02-01-0144


Can be eliminate the slip of the clutch that occurs in high-powered engine and also can transfer the enough engine output.
By combining the stock clutch spring with our strengthen clutch spring, can be increased the load max 30% up.


R. Crankcase cover gasket is not included. It is necessary at the time of install, please purchase separately.
R. Crankcase cover gasket 00-02-0356

Strengthened clutch spring details

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