POWER PUSH PARTS English Monkey125(JB02)

Slipper Clutch Kit
Slipper clutch mitigates a back torque by slipping the clutch at the time of the abrupt shift down.
This can be reduced the burden on the engine and the hopping of rear tire.
Maneuverability would be stabilized, and can be concentrate on riding


Slipper Clutch Kit

Slipper Clutch Kit

税込価格 22,880 円
対応車種 GROM・MSX125・Monkey125
品番 02-01-0317

Slipper Clutch Kit Slipper clutch


■Structure and specifications of the slipper clutch
Adopted a dedicated pressure plate and clutch cam in the clutch unit that connects the power between the crankshaft and the transmission.
Herewith, the back torque is transmitted to the clutch cam from the rear wheel, the cam of the pressure plate and the clutch cam are activated.
By depressing the pressure plate, it became a half-clutch state and mitigates back torque.
(Photo below:Movement of the clutch cam during slipper clutch actuation)

During assembly, it is not necessary to take down the engine from the vehicle body, you can work easily.

Slipper Clutch Kit


Slipper clutch kit is the kit that assumes the re-use of genuine clutch spring, friction discs and clutch plates.
Please purchase new genuine parts if there is wear or damage.

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