POWER PUSH PARTS English CT125・HunterCub(JA55)

Crankshaft support adapter
Patent structure


Crankshaft support adapter

Crankshaft support adapter

税込価格 11,550 円
対応車種 CT125
品番 01-10-0145

Crankshaft support adapter Image


Since the generator of CT125 is mounted on the L. crankcase cover, the direction of attachment of the flywheel is toward the outside (the tip of the shaft)
For this reason, the rotation weight increases of the flywheel hangs outside the tip of the crankshaft, and especially modified engine doubles the burden during acceleration and deceleration.
This may affect the ignition timing that the generator and flywheel interfere, in the worst case the crankshaft may be damaged.
By providing ball bearings inside the stator, this product changes the crankshaft journal portion from 3 point support to 4 point support, and restricts crankshaft runout occurring in the high rpm region of the bore-up engine.
By limiting, vibration can be suppressed, and the durability of the stock crankshaft can be enhanced.

Patent structure

There is no need to replace the crankshaft, and just by installing it on stock parts, the structure that can support the crankshaft journal part at 4 points


Please inspect your stock crankshaft before you buy.
If your crankshaft is shaking beyond the service limit, it is necessary to perform correction or replace the crankshaft.

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