POWER PUSH PARTS English Monkey125(JB03)

Introducing a new super oil pump kit that equipped a relief valve system inside the pump body to find the optimum oil discharge amount.
All in one product with an oil pump driven gear, it can be easily installed by simply replacing it with a stock oil pump.


Super oil pump kit (with relief valve system)

Super oil pump kit (with relie...

税込価格 7,920 円
対応車種 GROM(JC92)・Monkey125(JB03)・DAX125(JB04)
Super cub110(JA59-1000001~)
Cross Cub110(JA60-1000001~)
Super cub C125(JA58-1000001~)
品番 01-16-0067

Super oil pump kit (with relief valve system) Left:Super oil pump Right:Stock pump


SP TAKEGAWA Super oil pump adopts about 50% increase compared to stock, to optimize the amount of oil pumped to each part of the engine, oil pressure, and the oil level.
By circulating an appropriate amount of oil, it is possible to reduce the burden on the drive parts, improve cooling performance, and secure an oil over the lubricated parts.
In addition, equipped with the relief valve system inside of the oil pump body, it is possible to control the oil pressure, reduce the burden on the engine due to the increase in oil pressure, and achieve stable oil circulation.

Test results for over amount of oil pump delivery.
Increase the discharge oil too much, the oil pump will discharge more oil than it will return to the crankcase.
As a result, it was confirmed that the oil level is too low at high speeds, and that there is a risk of air entrapment.

Super oil pump kit (with relief valve system) Left:Super oil pump Right:Stock pump

Easy installation, just replace the stock oil pump

This product is an easy assembled product that includes an oil pump, driven gear and fixing pin, no need to divert, disassemble, or assemble the stock oil pump.
In addition, there is no need to reuse stock parts again or check for wear and damage, just replacing it can be done with new parts.

Super oil pump kit (with relief valve system) Left:Super oil pump Right:Stock pump

Connecting bolt / Body and plate thickness

Stock oil the pump may leak oil from the oil pump body and the oil pump cover if the oil pressure and discharge amount is increased at high rpm, and the proper discharge amount cannot be circulated.
The SP TAKEGAWA All new Super Oil Pump has increased the number of bolts to ensure stable oil pressure even at high speeds.
(Number of bolts: Takegawa x5 ,stock x1)
In addition, by increasing the thickness of the body, the rigidity is improved and the oil leak at high rpm is eliminated.

Super oil pump kit (with relief valve system) Regular oil flow (relief valve closed)

Oil pump(with relief valve system) Patent pending

The SP TAKEGAWA New Super Oil Pump has a discharge volume increased +50% compared to the stock, and secures the oil pressure during unstable low idling and to respond to changes in the oil pressure to the higher rpm, only when the oil pressure reaches a certain point the relief valve system open the valve.
It suppresses the excessive increase in hydraulic pressure when the engine rpm high at cold, and suppresses damage to the drive part and seal part.
Furthermore, when the engine is running at high rpm, it does not discharge more oil than necessary, reducing power loss and stabilizing the oil level.

Super oil pump kit (with relief valve system) Oil flow when relief valve is open


R. Crankcase cover gasket is not included. Please purchase it before you work, it will be required for replacement.
Depending on the engine, the design of the R.crankcase cover gasket and the genuine part number may different.

Super oil pump kit (with relief valve system) DAX125

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pdf data download

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